We've partnership with Li.Fi to offer the best Cross-Chain Bridge Service on the Web3 Space. LI.FI is a cross-chain bridge aggregation protocol that supports any-2-any swaps by aggregating bridges and connecting them to DEXes and DEX aggregators.
That being said, we support offer 16 chains and over 16 DEX's. The complete list:
  1. 1.
    Connect your Wallet by clicking on "Connect wallet"
2. As soon as you've connected your wallet, the button should change to "Swap"
3. Select the Chain from where you want to Swap/Bridge and To (destination). At the end, you should be able to pick the best trade for you:
Let's try to Swap and Bridge and see exactly how it's done. When doing it, you can specify a different destination wallet to avoid paying extra Gas Fees to manually transfer the tokens at the end.
Swap&Bridge to the same wallet
Swap&Bridge to a different wallet
1) Let's try to Bridge and Swap 5 FTM to BNB:
2) As I'm on BSC Network, I have to Switch to FTM by clicking on "Switch chain". If you don't have the FTM Network added to your MM, you will be asked if you Approve to add it:
3) Now, you are asked to Switch:
4) Our Bridge Widget automatically checks the available routes and picks the cheapest one but, in case you want to switch, you can click on the " > " and get a list of available routes and taxes:
5) Now that we are ready, we've selected the best offer, let's Bridge and Swap. Click on "Review swap":
6) It tells us that it will take around 9 minutes for the tokens to arrive at destination and the costs:
7) Confirm that we can Swap and Bridge:
8) Now the Swap has started and we have to wait:
9) DONE! We have received our BNB on BSC Network:
Before starting the Swap&Bridge, you have to enable the option to transfer to another destination wallet - "Show destination wallet"
Now, you will be able to specify the Wallet Address or ENS name:
You can continue the Swap&Bridge normally as described in the first guide.