Why TerraBank?

TerraBank is a revolutionary Meme-Banking System operating in BSC Network with an improved Governance Model, Fast & Secure Swap, Lottery and LP Farming and TERR Staking mechanisms.

TerraBank offers a lot. When saying that, please find below our main products that are released from Day 1:
  • Our Website and dApp - We've worked hard to provide a nice and clean design for our website and also, we've managed to fork PancakeSwap allowing us to expand easier and safer in the near future.
  • TERR Staking and LP Farming - We allow our investors to safely stake their TERR Tokens. NO Locking period will be applied so you can withdraw your TERR Tokens/LP as many times as you want.
  • 💱 TerraBank Swap - You can safely trade on our Swap. Uses Pancakeswap Routers so the trades will be 100% safe.
  • 🌉 Cross-Chain Bridge - We've partnered ourselves with Li.Fi and our investors can safely bridge their tokens on more than 15 chains (more to come in the near future).
  • 🎫 Lottery - You can participate in our daily lottery and win impressive amounts of TERR Tokens.
You can check our Roadmap to see what we are planning for the near future!


Last modified 6mo ago